guide to HTML forms integration

In order to make a custom HTML form to post data to NowCerts, the agency needs to use our API.

There is a zendesk page with some explanations and link to the help page of the API ->
In the help page of the API users can see all possible actions (CreateProspect, CreateInsured, CreateQuote, ...)
There are explanations about all possible fields which these actions are waiting for.
If you need additional fields, please tell us and we'll add them. This is brand new API (still in beta) but it is very easy to modify and add stuff to it (actions and fields).
Here is an actual case/example about how to make an agency custom form use the Nowcerts API. "We have a sample form with 3 fields. On the button click we collect the information from the three fields and post it to the API.
This requires some PROGRAMMING. Here's the code of our sample form ->
 In the code the three text boxes and the button can be seen. At the bottom is the javascript code which does the magic.
Please contact us with any questions or requets for assistance.
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