Using Custom Fields in Mapping to custom PDF Forms

Nowcerts offers the ability for agencies to define Custom Fields, where agents can store data in the database for which Nowcerts does not already provide  a standard field.
(see article on Custom Fields)
Now, we have added the ability to map custom fields to proprietary (as well as Acord) PDF Forms.
!!! You can use custom fields in both Regular as well as Reverse mapping.
Regular: Dump data from Custom fields into a PDF Form.
Reverse: extract data from a PDF form and save into database (in Custom Fields)
Here is an example of Custom Fields from our Test Agency.
Creating the Custom Fields specifically for data from Agency website forms ...
Here is another example of User defined Custom fields in the Insured record:
To map a custom field to a form, go to our Agency Profile -> Other -> PDF Forms and upload your own form (or use an existing one). Click on the field which you want to map. A popup will appear. ->
There's a new option under the first drop down -> "Custom Fields". In the second drop down you will be able to select one of the Custom Fields panels and then the fields which are in the selected panel. Here is another example:
After the form is mapped, upon selecting this form from an insured/prospect profile, the system will pull data from all mapped fields into the form.
Once you go to the Insured Details - Documents - Forms and select the form you just mapped, then the field will be pre-filled with the value in the mapped Custom Field:
This is how you store and reuse data not already define din Nowcerts. Use custom fields and map the data to your custom forms.
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