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originally published August 11, 2018

As of now, the beta integration with Zapier is available to users only "by invitation". Please email if you would like to use Zapier for Nowcerts integration. Here's what they will receive in the invitation email:

The NowCerts - Zapier integration is still by invitation only. Please click this link to accept the invitation:

Please send us any ideas about actions and triggers that your agency may find useful.

Thank you for your time!

Please follow the link, login to you Zapier account and choose between our Triggers. Currently there's only one available "Create Insured" which will be triggered once an Insured is created in NowCerts:
Then follow the next steps:
- Connect your NowCerts account by clicking "Connect" and entering your username and password in NowCerts:
After that users can pick a sample from their latest Insureds added in NowCerts:
After clicking "Continue" on this step you need to choose another system where the Insured will be exported instantly after it's created in NowCerts. For example we choose InfusionSoft and select they Action "Create/Update Contact":
The next stop on creating an action is to map the objects between both systems:
When you finish with the mapping you create finalize and make your new Zap live:
This Zap will create Contact in InfusionSoft after it's inserted in NowCerts. If we want to make the opposite here are the steps we need to follow:
We choose to create a new Zap and select the system which will trigger events and the corresponding objects will be created in NowCerts, too. For example we choose QuickBooks and select their trigger "New Customer":
In the next step some samples will be shown:
Then we need to choose NowCerts where the new customer in QuickBooks will be imported immediately. The only action available in NowCerts for now is "Create Insured":
We map the fields from QuickBooks to NowCerts:
and then finalize the new Zap:
We can view the newly created Zaps on the Dashboard:
New info added of Sept 5, 2018
From email Q&A:
About the first point with the email address:
It's added to model for both triggers "Create Policy" and "Create Quote".
Also considered in the corresponding actions "Create Policy" and "Create Quote" . This means that if they don't provide "Insured Name" but provide "Insured E-Mail" then we'll try to find the Insured with the give email address.
About the renewal trigger:
We added another triggers called "Update Policy" and "Update Quote". In the models there will be a field called "Status" where we'll put the status of the policy ("Active", "Expired", "Renewed", "Renewing", "Cancelled" and so on).
Keep in mind that these triggers will be triggered every time a policy is updated. If the requests are too many or for another reason, then we can create a separate trigger for only Status change.
For all triggers "Create Policy", "Create Quote", "Update Policy", "Update Quote" we added some more fields in the models like:
"Status", "CarrierName", "MGAName", "FinanceCompanyName", "TotalPremium", "TotalNonPremium", "LinesOfBusiness"
They  can use our action "Create Prospect". In order to make the new Prospect Commercial he must provide only the "Commercial Name" and not "First Name" and "Last Name

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