Using TAGS to Customize Workflow

TAGs offers a great new way to personalize the use of the system and a way for you to organize your insureds and prospects.
VIDEO link:  click here to view video
To recap:  
You can create your own Tags under the menu "Miscellaneous/Agency Customization/Tags". Once you click Insert or Edit you can define a category and related Tags to it. You can also add color for every tag.
You can then apply, view, and edit Tags to Insureds from the Insureds list page:
To apply a TAG quickly, click on "Apply Tag" from the "Actions" mini-menu or on "View" in the column "Tags".  A popup appears where you can view all applied Tags or assign a new one:
A TAG can also be applied from the Insured's Details page from the button "Actions" or from the tab "Other/Tags":
NEXT: we will expand the list of objects that can be tagged (Policies, Opportunities, etc).
Happy Tagging!
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