Integration with Ring Central VOIP accounts

If your phone system provider is Ring Central, you are now able to integrate the RC call logs in to Nowcerts.

Set-up Steps:

Each user needs (agency included) to open their profile and select the option to integrate their RC account with Nowcerts. Save.

You are now ready to use the integration.

Once that box is checked in the agency profile, all agents can log into Ring Central with their own number/extension. How the users log into RC determines what call log is seen.
So, agents can use their private lines. The admin can see the entire log from the main line.

Next, click on Telephony from the left (right under Email and SMS). You will need to authenticate by logging into your Ring Central account (use your direct line or your specific extension). Authentication tokens expire periodically (RC dictates), so you may need to repeat the process every few days. The color will be green if you are logged into RC and Red if you are not.

Click Refresh to bring in new messages. Your call log for RC will display in the page.


Nowcerts will attempt to match the numbers to known contacts in the system (much like with emails). when that happens, the list of texts will be visible in the Insureds Activity History.

NOTE: if the insured has been contacted by multiple RC agent lines, any NC user with access to this Insured's profile will be able to see the entire log.

Call recordings are not automatically brought over to Nowcerts. These will remain on the Ring Central servers for as ling as they keep them (currently I believe it is just 30 or 60 days). If you want to preserve recorded calls for a longer time, you can use the RC integration with Google Drove to archive the audio files there. You can also manually save them in Nowcerts. Audio file scan be very big, so please use sparingly.

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