Agency Branding for emails

By default Nowcerts will use our system templates for various emails that go our of the system (including certificates, forms, notifications, etc). You have the ability to replace the Nowcerts default templates with your agency branded ones. Here is how to do that.
In the Agency profile, there is a section called Email Template.
Whatever you place there, will replace the Nowcerts templates.
In the left panel, it should be a basic email signature. Put {content} before it.
This will be replaced by whatever you type in the various Send (files/forms) controls, where you ca use email templates for the actual content.
The right panel, place the text that you want the insureds to see in their Welcoming email when you set them up for access to Nowcerts.
This section should have {button} where you want the "Click here to complete registration" to appear.
Here is an example from our Test Agency.
I hope this helps. 
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