How to sync your gmail account with Google API option

Gmail accounts can be synced using either IMAP/SMTP or the Google API methods. The Google API (OAth) is preferable.

Here are the simple steps.


okay here are the brief instructions:

click on email. 
Delete the current account if needed (in case it was synced with IMAP): go to the top right and click the Red "X"
Next - add the account anew. Click the little portrait and Add new account.
Select Gmail New API Sync (leave all fields blank)
Inline image 5
click on Authorize with Google and follow familiar prompts 
Inline image 6
Lastly, select all the folders you want synced and click Add/Save. All the main Google folders are required Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts, Trash.
It may take a while for all emails to sync depending on the number of folders and messages you sync. Initially, we only go back about 60-90 days.
I hope this helps.
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