Determine Agency Commission paid in a given period

There are multiple ways of seeing agency commission payments your agency has received in a given period (which is what you would normally transfer from the trust account into the operating account).

Option 1- Reconciliations: The best is perhaps from Reconciliations. Go to Reconciliations, Select Manually Reconcile Agency Commission. Select the date range for the payments, select Type Reconciled Comm Payments.(Reconciliations is found in Miscellaneous --> Accounting Items)
Option 2 - Endorsement, Agency Commissions. Select payment dates and run report. You can Export to Excel.(Endorsementss is found in Miscellaneous --> Endorsements)
Option 3: Reports. There are several reports but the most straightforward would be "Agency Commission and Non-commission Received by Payment"
all of these will do the trick. It depends on what the user is most comfortable with.
hope this helps.
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